[Video] Private Practice Website Review: Jessie Bohnenkamp, LPC, NCC, MA

This month’s 5-minute private practice website review comes to us from Jessie Bohnenkamp.

Jessie has done a great job with her website over at http://www.thinklikeacounselor.com. She’s even used WordPress (bonus points for that ;))

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First Impressions of Her Therapy Website

I really like the feel of this website. The wood background really leads me right into Jessie’s content and still manages to feel clean and not overwhelming. Sometimes graphic backgrounds can be distracting, but this one gave the feel of a therapy office to me.

The website is simple but certainly not boring. It’s easy to digest the information Jessie has on each page.

I also like the font and style she’s used for her photos, which gives the website a sense of branding.

Cleaning up the Home Page

In the video, I mention a few simple design tweaks that Jessie could do to clean up her home page.

She’s got a couple large paragraphs of text, which, if broken up into smaller paragraphs (and possibly some more section headings) could really make the page feel lighter and easier to read.

I think some of the info in her sidebar can be eliminated in order to get rid of the empty white space at the bottom of the page.

Since she has social sharing buttons at the bottom of each page, I don’t think they are necessary in the sidebar. I’d rather see her link to her own social profiles so that people can follow her elsewhere. But the sharing aspect is just taking up space.

Having too much in your sidebar can distract from the main content of your page, which is what you truly want people to be reading.

Using The About Page to Attract Potential Therapy Clients

I think Jessie could add more to her about page to really turn it into a landing page for potential clients to get all the information they need to book a session with her.

I recommend adding an introductory paragraph that identifies with her potential clients.

She can empathize with their struggles and the issues that she loves to help her clients with.

Then she can move into her bio, her passions and her approach to counseling.

I would also break up the paragraphs a bit more to make them easier to read.

I forgot to mention it in the video, but it would be great to add a standout call to action on the bottom of this page.

The About page is often the second most-visited page on a counselor’s website, so you want to use this page to lead potential clients along the path toward booking a session with you.

She mentions that she’s available for counseling, but it’s a bit lost in the bottom of the last paragraph. She could pull that out, bold it and link to her contact page and it would help lead her potential clients on their way to booking with her.

Beefing up The Therapy Services Page

My last tidbit of therapy website advice is to spend some time really expanding the services page.

When it comes to the issues that Jessie helps her clients with, I only see a short paragraph at the top of her Services & Rates page.

I think she could create a whole section on the various issues she helps her clients with.

Then, for an added SEO boost, she could create specialty landing pages and really dive into how she helps her potential clients overcome these challenges. Linking to these pages from her services page can also help provide the information a potential client needs to feel confident in choosing to work with Jessie.

For tips on creating SEO boosting specialty pages, check out this post.


I’m a fan of simplicity and think Jessie has done a great job to create a simple website that has some of the most important information any therapy website could have.

In a few places, she could benefit from spending some time to add more information to identify with potential clients, give them the confidence and information they need as well as boost her search engine optimization.

All in all, great work, Jessie!

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