Free stock photo sites to help you create your private practice blog

34 FREE Stock Photography Resources for Your Therapy Website

One of the best ways to make your private practice stand out on the web is with beautiful images. But it can be a chore to find amazing (and affordable) stock photos. Especially if you’re blogging on a regular basis, where you’re most…
What do you want to know about when it comes to creating and/or marketing your therapy website?
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What Do YOU Want to Know About Creating and/or Marketing Your Therapy Website?

I want to take some time out to get some feedback from you. Yes... YOU! While I may know a couple things about how to build a therapy website or digital marketing, I want to make sure that I provide the best, most helpful articles to my readers.…
Step by step instructions to automatically email your latest counseling blog post

How to Automatically Email Your Latest Therapy Blog Post

Have you ever "subscribed" to a blog? You know, you give them your email and then each time there's a new blog post it magically appears in your inbox? How the heck do they do that? It's probably some high-tech hocus pocus, right?... Wrong. In…
social sharing plugin for private practice website

How to Super Charge Social Sharing on Your Private Practice Website with SumoMe

I believe the blog on your counseling website DESERVES to be shared with the world. You’re probably sharing your posts on your social networks, but is your blog optimized to let OTHERS share your amazing content? One way to increase your…
10 things to do before you create a counseling website

10 Things To Do BEFORE You Create A Counseling Website (Plus a Bonus!)

I know you're excited to create that AWESOME website for your private practice. I would be too. But hold your horses for a sec. Let's do some planning first. In this article we'll discuss 10 things you can do before you even being creating…
Therapist website examples

Therapist Website Examples: Atlanta, Georgia Edition

It's time for a little dose of inspiration! As a web designer myself, I always find it helpful to take a look at what others are doing to get an idea for any website I want to create. So let's do that with some therapy websites. So, when I…
The therapist's guide to Pinterest
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The Therapist's Guide to Pinterest + FREE Checklist

Today we're going to talk about how to use Pinterest to market your therapy practice. What did I ever do before Pinterest? How would I have known I could build so many things out of pallets? Or cook such amazing (and simple) dinners while my…
therapist wordpress themes
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10 of The Best Wordpress Themes for Therapists

It used to be very difficult and costly for someone to build a website for their therapy business. Once upon a time, the only way to build a website was for you to find and hire a professional to develop it. Lots of time and lots of money.…
Learn how to build a therapist website with wordpress
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How to Start a Therapist WordPress Website in 10 Minutes (or less)

Are you a therapist just starting your career? Or have you finally landed the job that will launch your private practice and now it's time to start bringing in the clients? Either way, a professional looking website could be your next step…