In this post we discuss what to include in the sidebar of your counseling website

Therapist Webite Design: Anatomy of the Perfect Sidebar

If you read my last post, you should be familiar with how to create and edit your sidebar in WordPress. But what types of content should you put in your sidebar on your therapy website? In this post I’ll go over some tips to help you choose…
Learn how to create and edit a sidebar on your private practice website, using WordPress

How to Create & Edit The Sidebar On Your Therapy Website

The sidebar on your private practice website can be a great place to quickly display some of your most important info to potential clients. In today’s post I’ll take you through the process of creating a sidebar for your blog, using WordPress,…
user experience design and what it means for you, your therapy website and growing your private practice

12 Ways to Grow Your Therapy Practice with User Experience Design

Have you ever visited an ugly, hard-to-use website, leaving you with a poor perception of that business or service? In today's post, we'll talk about user experience design and what it means for you, your therapy website and growing your…
In this podcast interview, we discuss therapy website must-haves and how to speak to your potential clients

Therapy Website Must-Haves, Designing for Potential Clients & SEO Tips

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of talking with Clay, for the podcast. If you’re not familiar, is an online directory for therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists…
How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme for your Therapy Website

How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme for your Therapy Website

Of all the platforms you could choose to build your private practice website on, nothing offers the most power, flexibility for your business, customization and SEO potential as WordPress. But with so many amazing WordPress themes out there,…
therapist website examples

Therapy Website Examples: Volume 2

When it comes to designing and creating your own website, seeing other examples of therapist websites from around the internet can be a great way to draw inspiration. So, from time to time I like to collect some great examples of websites…
Today we’ll talk about 6 things you should do AFTER you’ve posted it on your private practice website to help you drive traffic and get the most mileage out of your post.

Blogging for Therapists: 6 Things You Should Do After You Hit Publish

In our last post, we talked about 11 things you should do BEFORE you hit publish on that amazing new therapy blog post you’ve written. Today we’ll talk more about private practice blogging and 6 things you should do AFTER you’ve posted…
In this post, I’ll share 11 things to do before you publish your next blog post. Making these things a habit along with your blogging routine will help ensure each post is the very best it can be. I also created a free checklist you can download and refer to during your next coffee-fueled blog-writing session. (or am I the only one who needs coffee when they blog?)

11 Things You Should Do To Every Blog Post Before You Hit Publish (+ Free Checklist)

Let’s face it - blogging can be a lot of work. As a therapist focussed on face-to-face client time, it may be hard to juggle all that goes into blogging for your private practice website. You’re busy writing client notes, not SEO ready,…
Learn how Jeff Guenther, LPC, used SEO tactics and specialty pages to target a specific keyword to get on the first page of Google and fill his therapy practice with a waiting list of clients.

How I Used SEO to go From Zero Clients to Too Many Clients

Guest post by Jeff Guenther, LPC. I have been a therapist in private practice since 2005. I was 25 years old and had just moved to Portland from Los Angeles with the ink still drying on my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. One…
Five Things Your Therapy Website Needs Most
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Five Things Your Therapy Website Needs Most

Guest post by Becky DeGrossa. Several therapists ask me things like, “I have a website, so people should be able to find me on Google, right?” or “Everyone tells me they love my website. Why I am not getting any new clients?” Although…